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Mubashar's Pictures
Personal Records

These are the best times I had every year since I started running.

2003-2004 Sophomore
Cross Country- 3miles18:23
Indoor Track- 1000meters 3:13
Outdoor Track- 1600meters 5:23, 3200meters 10:59
2004-2005 Junior
Cross Country- 3miles 17:05, 5000meters 17:23
Indoor Track- 1600meters 5:09, 3200meter 10:22
Outdoor Track- 1600meters 5:01, 3200meters 10:43
Road Races- 8000meters 32:24
2005-2006 Senior
Cross Country- 3miles 16:50 first race of the season and then out for rest of season with shinsplints
Indoor Track- Recovering from Shinsplints   1000meters 2:57,  1600meters  5:02,  3200meters  11:40
Outdoor Track-

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